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About Me

A rotating cloud with a silver lining, Hurricane Katrina, interrupted Derroles Taylor’s second year of college at Xavier University of New Orleans.


"When you lose everything you have no choice but to start over, I decided to use it as a stepping stone."


She became a student of the Parson School of Design at The New School in Manhattan, NY. Derroles Taylor immersed herself in the world of fashion and design. New York’s fast pace competitive environment gave her the determination to take her skills to new levels.
Soon Ms. Taylor returned to her hometown in New Orleans armed with her new skills and a sewing machine. “Derroles the Dressmaker” was born. She began working as a dressmaker combining her skill and talent with her unique style influenced by the rich culture of the city where she was born.
Since 2007, she has been specializing in custom bridal gowns and formal women’s attire and has advanced to become skilled in costume-making and artistic sculptural design. Not your run-of-the-mill seamstress, she uses a unique combination of sewing, pattern-making, art, and design skills that she has perfected over time. Her clients would describe her work as professionally made and well-designed with amazing detail that can be considered wearable art. In addition to her custom designs, she has several curated original clothing collections currently available through online sales.
As a culture bearer working and contributing to the rich culture of the City of New Orleans Derroles has worked with countless New Orleans Parade Krewes, Mardi Gras Indians, and Social Aid and Pleasure Organizations to create their well know traditional garments and formal wear. 
She soon naturally progressed from the business of sewing and designing to being an advocate for New Orleans creative culture. She began speaking, mentoring, and coaching; inspiring those in the local community to contribute their talent and skill to the fabric of New Orleans. She founded Sip and Sew NOLA LLC where she offers classes and hosts community sewing events engaging the community, both adult and youth to explore their skills as a creative.

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